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Legal Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: What do I need to be able to enter in Romania?
Answer: You only need a passport, national document identify or birth certificate to enter in Romania.

2. Question: What can I do if I don’t have any of national document identity, passport or birth certificate?
Answer: Given the situation in Ukraine, the provisions of the Schengen Borders Code for humanitarian situations (art. 5) may be applicable, and thus it may be possible to cross the border on the declared identity option, with subsequent verification.

3. Question: If I have a minor child, what kind of documents do I need to get in with him? What if I don’t have them?
Answer: The provisions regarding minors (approval from both parents, etc.) apply only to Romanian citizens and only on the way out of Romania. You should have an ID card for minor.

4. Question: To whom do I apply for asylum at the border and in what form (verbal / written)? What should happen after I make this verbal request?
Answer: The asylum application can be submitted by any foreigner located on the Romanian territory or at a border crossing point. Not outside the territory of Romania.
A person is considered an asylum seeker from the moment of manifestation of will, expressed in writing or orally, before the competent authorities, from which it should result that he / she requests the protection of the Romanian state.
The asylum seeker will be given an asylum application form which can be completed by the asylum seeker with the support of the official or by the official designated to receive the application, in case the asylum seeker does not know how to write, according to his oral statements .
The standard form can be filled in the applicant’s mother tongue, it is not necessary to use only the Romanian language.

5. Question: What do I do if my police officer denies me the right to enter after I have applied for asylum?
Answer: No one shall be denied access to the asylum procedure, even if he has not fulfilled all the conditions for entry. However, in case the asylum application is denied by the authorities, please contact us at +40 730 073 170.

6. Question: Should I be offered temporary accommodation near the border? Am I forced to stay there?
Answer: If you apply for asylum in Romania, you have the right to be accommodated in one of the Regional Procedures and Accommodation Centers for Asylum Seekers.

7. Question: What rights do I have as an asylum seeker? Phone? Internet? Food? Accommodation?
Answer: Asylum seekers have, inter alia, the following rights:
a) The right to be informed about his / her rights and obligations and the asylum procedure
b) The right to confidentiality of personal data
c) The right to issue a temporary identity document, valid during the asylum procedure
d) The right to participate in cultural adaptation activities;
e) The right to be accommodated in the Procedures and Accommodation Centers for Asylum Seekers subordinated to the General Inspectorate for Immigration.
f) The right to receive free primary care and appropriate treatment, emergency hospital care, and free medical care and treatment in cases of acute or chronic life-threatening illness
g) The right to be included in the national public health programs aimed at the prevention, surveillance and control of communicable diseases, in situations of epidemiological risk;
h) The right of asylum seekers with special needs to receive adequate medical care;
i) The right to receive access to the labor market under the conditions provided by law for Romanian citizens, after the expiration of a period of 3 months from the date of submission of the asylum application.
Also, the asylum seekers benefit from financial aid from the Romanian state, in the amount of 15 RON / person / day.

8. Question: Where can I call if I have questions about the asylum procedure in Romania?
Answer: Romanian National Council for Refugees – asylum hotline – +40 721 206 926

9. Question: What is the situation of those who are not Ukrainian citizens and who want to seek asylum in Romania?
The same procedure applies as for Ukrainians; either in order to enter the territory as a migrant or as an Asylum Seeker.

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