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Ukrainian Refugees

Ukrainian Refugees The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has resulted in thousands of individuals being forced to flee their homes in search of safety. These individuals, known as Ukrainian refugees, have had to leave behind everything they know and love in order to escape the violence and persecution in their home country. As a result, the […]

Help Guide for crossing the border of Romania, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia

This is a short help guide with informations from officials authorities from Romania, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. If you’re trying to cross the border to Romania, you need to know the following: With/without passport and visa: You can enter in Romania without biometrical passport or visa. Also, you can enter in Romania with a normal passport […]

All borders are wide open for Ukrainian refugees

The Romanian Border Police opened all border crossings with Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova for Ukrainian refugees who are coming to Romania. 6 Border crossing points with the Republic of Moldova According to Romanian Border Police website, there are 6 border crossing points with the Republic of Moldova which can be used in order to […]

National Council for Refugees: “You only need passport, identity national document or birth certificate to enter in Romania”

National Council for Refugees said Friday that Ukrainians citizens can pass the border with either passport, national identity document or birth certificate. You don’t need visa. Also, National Council of Refugees answer to the following questions: 1. Question: What do I need to be able to enter in Romania? Answer: You only need a passport, […] Founder – Alexandru Panait

Alexandru Panait is the founder of, the first platform in the world, launched on 25 February 2022 in support of Ukrainian refugees. The platform was launched just one day after the war had started and in the first week, it registered 250,000 unique visitors and over 8,000 filled-in forms from all over the world. […]

The International Organization for Migration has gathered basic information for a person who wants to cross the Ukrainian border and enter Romania in the context of a humanitarian crisis and the state of emergency in the country.

Romania is ready to receive 500,000 Ukrainian refugees. Where the camps will be located

Romania is ready to receive 500,000 Ukrainian refugees, says Vasile Dîncu, Minister of Defense. They will be hosted in the camps located in 4 counties. HotNews spoke with ISU representatives from each county on Thursday morning to see how prepared they are. Interior Minister Lucian Bode had also said last week that the action plan […]

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